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In HeynSight #7: The Myth That Breaking up is Easier By Text or Email

In Heynsight: The Myth That Breaking Up by Text is Easier

Thinking of breaking up with someone by text or email because you won’t have to witness or experience pain? Think again. If there’s anything more cowardly, inhumane and just tacky, I don’t know what it is….except possibly breaking up on Facebook. Or leaving a phone message.

Please, ex-lovers: You are not beasts. A person whom you liked well enough to date and make love to deserves more. And by the way, if that’s how you handle your love affairs, your mistreatment will get around fast: and, when someone decides to cast you off, you will surely get treated the same way. So, when you hear that phone message saying “Um, well, hey, it was great, but we’re through. See ya!”, remember: In love as everywhere else, you reap what you sow.

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