Praise for Dalma Heyn


–Larry King, USA Today


“This is an extremely important book.”

–M. Scott Peck


“She presents convincing anecdotal evidence based on interviews with young wives…an interesting historical overview of the good wife.”

–Publishers Weekly


“Dalma Heyn posits a provocative thesis…the author’s frank interviews with dozens of young wives are likely to raise hackles, not to mention points for further discussion.”



“With the skills of a novelist, Heyn has captured complex, insightful women who are bringing a new dimension to having it all….”

–New Woman


“An important and revolutionary book….reminds us, in intelligent, reflective tones, that women are sexual beings and that, for women as well as men, sex is a fundamentally lawless creature, not easily confined to a cage.”

–Barbara Ehrenreich


“This ia a provocative, even a subversive book. Another installment of the many untold stories of women’s lives in and out of marriage.”

–Nancy K. Miller


Dalma Heyn shows us a new reality and a tantalizing hint of the future—and neither women nor marriage will ever be the same.”

–Gloria Steinem


Based on interviews with women who cheerfully embrace sex outside their often happy marriages and some smart thinking on the part of the author about why this is so and what it means, Heyn’s book is a deeply provocative breath of fresh air.”



“Provocative…A study of married women who have affairs and don’t regret them one bit.”



“A thought-provoking look at the taboo topic of women’s sexuality…sure to trigger a crossfire of controversy.”

–Milwaukee Journal


“Read the book. It smashes old myths and gives brave new insights and freedoms. Read it from the beginning to the end. I did. In one day. I couldn’t put it down.”

–Frances Lear


“Another silence broken—it’s about time women gave voice to all their dimensions, including the erotic, without shrinking in guilt.”

–Gail Sheehy