In HeynSight #6: The Myth That Passion Cannot be Revived

The Myth That Waning Passion Cannot Be Revived

Has there ever been a magazine cover that doesn’t promise to put the “spark” back into your sex life? And do you ever think, after reading the same advice month after month, “What are they talking about? If it were as simple as whispering sweet nothings into his ear, or going out to a cozy dinner, we’d have solved the problem already.”

To know how to get sexual passion back, you have to first know where it went. Desire isn’t a faucet that flows eternally; it is a complicated psychic mechanism as individual as each of us.

Whether it’s temporary anger, hurt feelings, depression, fatigue, or deeper cultural issues that play a profound role in dampening desire, in today’s In HeynSight show, we’ll go past the easy answers and the blame, and look deeply into where desire can get lost–and found. Enjoy the show!

Discussed on today’s show: Marriage Shock: The Transformation of Women Into Wives

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