In HeynSight #5: The Myth of Femininity


The “feminine” woman, the theory goes, is good, kind, giving, loving, soft-spoken, pleasing, gentle, soft in voice and character, charming, demure, pretty, delicate, deeply caring of the sick and the elderly, nurturing, a great cook and housekeeper, frugal….and, most of all, selfless. Men love her.

The “unfeminine” woman, the theory goes, is assertive, aggressive, and ambitious; she’s “strident” and “shrill” and selfish. Men don’t love her.

Why do we still worry that without these fake virtues, we won’t be loved? With women flooding the workplace but not getting to the top of any profession; not getting paid the same as men for identical jobs; and barely getting by in a difficult economy; is “femininity” the way to go? Or should we instead whip out all the aggression, ambition and selfishness we can muster?

It’s the topic of this week’s In Heynsight. Listen and let us know your thoughts!

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