A Godsend: A Love Story For Grownups

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Does love as we once knew it still exist?

Forget the joys and woes of online dating. Can two busy, independent adults who live on opposite coasts; who don’t use the net (and have never heard of Match); who refuse even to have a cell phone (let alone an iPad); and who have no desire whatsoever to have another relationship (ever); fall in love?

This is the crucial question sticking in the quiver of The God of Love, whose career is on the line unless he can prove he’s still relevant in this world of tweeting, texting and sexting fools who evidently don’t need his services.

He has one year to work his old magic, or he’s out.

In A Godsend, author Dalma Heyn teams up with her husband, writer and editor Richard Marek, to create a love story for all of us who are no longer kids; who are ambivalent but hopeful even when we know how easily an affair can be sabotaged; but who also know that love happens in an instant….at any age.

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Reviews and Praise

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MORE Magazine Book Review
by Stephanie von Hirschberg

“A mischievous tale of love lost and found.”
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“An imaginative, multi-layered perspective on the intricacies of the human heart. A Godsend is filled with wisdom, keeping the reader fully engaged until the very last line.”
–Trisha Meili, author, I Am The Central Park Jogger: A Story of Hope and Possibility

“Proof that lovers can dance past relationship troubles and into happiness at any age! I’ve been longing for an adult romance. Here it is.”
–Linda Gottlieb, Producer, Dirty Dancing

“Soulful and sexy. I loved it.”
–Joanna Gleason, movie and TV actress, Into the Woods, Sons of the Prophet

“As fast-paced as a good thriller — and as riveting.”
–David Morrell, bestselling author of First Blood (Rambo), The Brotherhood of the Rose, and other books

“A grown-up, witty look at love. A terrific read.”
–Amanda Silver, co-writer of Rise of the Planet of the Apes

“Wonderful writing, wonderful characters, wonderful story. If you’ve ever been in love, don’t miss it!”
–David Lender, bestselling author of Trojan Horse and Vaccine Nation