Suggested Segment Topics:

  • Some real answers to Freud’s infamous question: What Do Women Want?
  • How men’s and women’s reasons for infidelity differ
  • The cultural sea change brought on by the country’s 100-million unmarried adults
  • Dating again? Some shortcuts to identifying the men who aren’t available for love—and those who are
  • The new meaning of “Forever” in marriage vows
  • What makes women happiest in their intimate relationships with men
  • The new “odd couples”—21st Century women with 20th century men–and how this disjunction came about
  • Recognizing the three subtle signs that a relationship won’t survive
  • The emotional skills women demand of men today—that they never demanded before
  • How to determine which men want to woo and win you—and wish just want to woo you
  • Are women today asking too much of men? (And are men today asking too much of women?)