About Dalma

dalma-heyn-croppedDalma Heyn is a national and international bestselling author and psychotherapist who has worked for thirty years to help women develop the best possible intimate relationships while flourishing as individuals. Her books, which explore the mysterious and often unnoticed loss of self that many women experience within marriage and intimate relationships, have led to her therapeutic focus on its recovery.

She was the former editor-in-chief of Health Magazine; executive editor of McCall’s and a monthly relationship columnist at Mademoiselle (“The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Sex”) and, later, a columnist at New Woman Magazine (“Smart Sex”).

As an author and cultural critic, Heyn has spoken with thousands of women and men. Feminist leaders such as Gloria Steinem and Barbara Ehrenreich, and other cultural critics, have praised her work as “provocative,” “deliciously brave,” and “revolutionary.”

Heyn’s books are bestsellers in the United States and around the world and have been published in thirty-four countries. She has been a guest on such shows as Oprah!, The Today Show, The Charlie Rose Show, The View, and Good Morning America, among other programs. Her regionally broadcast television program, The Dalma Heyn Show, focused on relationships, from intimate ones to those in the community. She lives in Westport, Connecticut.