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Dalma Does Liquid Lunch with Tessa Smith McGovern

I was interviewed recently on a new online show about writers, for writers, called Liquid Lunch. The brainchild of Tessa Smith McGovern, founder of eChook digital publishing, and Eileen Winnick, founder of The Winnick Group, this unique show gives writers the chance to speak about their work, and their thoughts and advice about writing, all the while concocting a cocktail in Tessa’s own kitchen and being interviewed by Tessa herself.

Tessa, who teaches at Sarah Lawrence, publishes (and pays for!) short stories (she and her authors just won, respectively, a gold and silver medal in this year’s eLit Awards). When she wears her Liquid Lunch hat, she becomes that rare interviewer, one who knows her guest’s work and audience; and she asks unexpected questions. Did I see a connection, she wondered, between my nonfiction work—three serious books about women —and the more lighthearted novel I co-wrote with my husband? I hadn’t considered any connection, since my nonfiction work starts with surprising facts, unexpected statistics; while the fiction started with a man and woman who might or might not fall in love. But of course they are deeply connected: even if genres are disparate, facts and character are always related. To be asked serious questions like this opened up so much that was fun to share and, best of all, didn’t require me to come armed, as I have on many television and radio interviews, with facts and stats and proof.

I had a wonderful time, made a delicious cocktail, (called, after our ebook, “A GODSEND,”) and hope you’ll take a look at and enjoy both. As always, I welcome feedback.


Westport Magazine: A Godsend is “The Perfect Summer Read”

We’re delighted to join other Connecticut authors—among them, Stacy Bass (the photographer of In the Garden, a pictorial journey through beautiful Fairfield County gardens, and John Cavi, author of the political thriller, The President’s Ultimatum, in this month’s Westport Magazine “Local Voices” column about local writers.

You can read the article here.

Wonderful is the fact that the article calls our book, A GODSEND: A Love Story for Grownups, “the perfect summer read,” and also wonderful is that it goes on (in its online incarnation) to publish the recipe for our perfect summer drink–called, not surprisingly, “A GODSEND.”

If you like your love stories to have adult—over 45–heroes and heroines, with adult feelings and adult baggage, read the book! And if you like your summer drinks with bourbon, try the cocktail! Better still, do both: Read and drink…..and enjoy!


In HeynSight #1: The Challenge for Stepmothers

My work has for so long been about busting myths about women, marriage, love and dating, stories that keep us from writing our own unique scripts about our own relationships, so I’ve started a Blogtalk radio show (see the player, below) on the subject. It’s all about learning what these stories are; how they live in us; and how to ditch them when they interfere with our happiness.

The myth this week is about stepmothers: Why are so many of the roughly 14 million stepmothers in this country dreading Mother’s Day? Why do we keep perpetuating the myth of the Evil Stepmother, a myth that’s guaranteed to make everyone unhappy? Why does this ancient story have the power to guide our present beliefs? The answers may not be uplifting, but they explain why 65 percent of couples in stepfamilies divorce!

I hope you’ll tune in to the In HeynSight program and let me know what you think. This is the debut episode; I’m sure we’ll improve as we go. In the meantime, I’m excited to be able to connect and share conversation and ideas on a regular basis. Enjoy the show!